Customization Opportunities

Factory Built Joist Depths

In addition to the six standard depths (9-1/4”, 11-7/8”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”) trusses can be manufactured in a depth of 11-1/4” for use by factory builders. 11-1/4” Uniform Load Tables can be found in the “OPEN JOIST Values” link in this Factory Builders Pathway. Your OPEN JOIST representative can discuss available truss lengths, truss configurations and chase opening sizes for the 11-1/4” depth.

Custom Joist Lengths

In an effort to help manufacturers achieve maximum building efficiency, Allegheny Structural Components makes every effort to supply product ready for immediate installation upon arrival at a modular plant.

ASC can trim standard-length joists to exact customer-specified lengths before shipment. And, as long as engineering requirements are met and volume is sufficient, OPEN JOIST trusses can be manufactured to exact desired lengths, avoiding the need to trim.

Custom Truss Configurations

After proper engineering analysis, OPEN JOIST trusses can often be custom-designed to change mechanicals chase opening sizes, shift position of chase openings and even accommodate more than one chase opening.

Please contact your OPEN JOIST representative to explore possibilities for customization to enhance your product.