Features and Benefits for Factory Builders

Engineered as a Floor Truss:

Has superior strength and load-carrying capability which produces a more “solid” floor and allows for wider joist spacing.

Wider on-center spacing speeds installation and reduces material costs.

Certified Equivalent Fire Performance to 2X10:

No special coating or cladding required.

Avoids need for fire-protective basement ceiling membrane in requiring jurisdictions.

Open Web Configuration:

Easier and faster to install MEP (plumbing, electrical, HVAC).

Systems can be pre-installed in the factory so a more complete home can be delivered to a site.

Allows mechanical systems to be installed within the floor framing rather than hanging below. This can eliminate the need for extra deep foundations and bulkheads and their accompanying costs.

Open web absorbs and dampens floor vibrations more effectively than a solid joist.

Allows the use of “strongback” bridging which accomplishes load-sharing among the trusses, stiffens the floor and dampens floor vibrations.

Open web configuration is more stable as its lumber components lose moisture after installation.

Open Joist trusses are approximately 30% lighter than solid wood joists.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Offers builders and homeowners “peace of mind”.

Warranty Certificate helps sell home

Trusses Individually Tested to More Than Twice Their Design Load:

Ensures that no defective trusses will be installed in a home.

Stands out against other engineered products. Open Joist is the only product individually tested.

Building Code Approved:

Accepted for use by U.S. model building codes.

Open Joist Trusses are Stock Items:

Available for immediate shipment from inventory.

Damaged or miss-ordered trusses replaced immediately.

Shop drawings and repair details already in existence.

Special Truss Designs Available

Built-to-length trusses.

Custom chase sizes and locations.

Chord size upgrades.

Stocked in One-Foot Increments:

Reduces materials cost and waste by eliminating need to buy in two-foot increments.

Assembled with Finger Joinery and Waterproof Structural Adhesive:

Eliminates need for steel truss plates that add significant weight, are dangerous to installers and add significant cost.

Phenol Resorcinol glue provides fire resistance.

Finger joints allow a large glue surface within a small area, resulting in a “welded” wood connection that is stronger and more resilient than a plated connection.

Finger joint technology holds down cost by using only the wood fiber needed to provide the necessary truss strength.

Efficient Use of Raw Materials:

Uses only the wood fiber necessary for the required truss strength.

Does not use non-renewable resources or energy required to manufacture steel connector plates.

Does not use wood fiber from “old growth” forests.

Truss Chords are 3X2 and 4X2:

Provides larger surface for adhesives and fasteners when installing subfloor. Helps ensure a quieter floor by preventing fastener “misses” and providing a larger adhesive coverage area.

Reduces span of subfloor material to create “stiffer” floors.

Available in Depths of 9-1/4”, 11-1/4”, 11-7/8”, 14”,16”, 18” and 20”:

Affords the most cost-effective floor framing solutions.

Makes available an open-web floor truss in a depth shallower than 12”.

Installs like Dimension Lumber:

Installation time is less than for products requiring accessory pieces such as web stiffeners, squash blocks, web fillers, etc.

Can be end-nailed or ledger-installed to avoid hanger installation.

More “user-friendly” to installers than other engineered products