Handling & Safety

Handling & Storage
  • Handle Open Joistâ„¢ upright and by bottom chord.
  • Avoid excessive flat-wise bending of Open Joist.
  • Store Open Joist on blocks out of mud and water.
  • Blocks should be long enough to support entire bundle width and be spaced about 10' apart.
  • Blocks should provide even support for bundles.
  • Bundles should not be stacked more than three high with stickers between bundles located vertically above blocks on ground.
  • Bundles of Open Joist stored outdoors should be wrapped or covered for protection from weather.
  • Bundles should remain banded until ready for use.
  • Exercise caution when breaking bands to avoid injury.
  • Do not exceed design loads or allowed spans.
  • Distribute piles of plywood, OSB, or other materials in small bundles.
  • Do not overload the Open Joist members.
  • Double check drawings to verify Open Joist depth, span, spacing, loading, bearing details, bridging requirements, and bracing details.
  • Concentrated loads in excess of 50 pounds should not be hung from the bottom chord of an Open Joist. Concentrated loads may require joist reinforcement.
  • Do Not Cut, Do Not Notch, and Do Not Drill Open Joist.
  • Check framing layout to avoid conflict with drain traps.