Quality and Safety Assurance


Open Joistâ„¢ floor trusses stand out as the only engineered building component subjected to individual testing.

After assembly, each Open Joist truss (10 ft. and longer) is tested to a load equivalent to 2.1 times the required residential design load. This testing identifies any truss that cannot produce its required strength. All substandard trusses are destroyed. Open Joist's unique testing ensures that no defective trusses are shipped.

In addition to individual truss testing, representative trusses are tested to destruction on a schedule determined by their production frequency. Open Joist quality control standards require that these randomly chosen trusses not break until a test load equivalent to at least 3.5 times the required residential design load is applied.

Intertek Testing (an independent third-party inspection agency, using the Warnock-Hersery certification mark), monitors and certifies all testing and quality control procedures through regular, unannounced plant inspections.

Lifetime Warranty

Because Open Joist trusses are individually tested, they offer permanent quality assurance against floor system failure. Open Joist trusses are warranted for the lifetime of the structure of the end user.