Factory Built
Mechanical Systems Installation

One of the best features of OPEN JOIST floor trusses is the product’s open-web configuration. This characteristic not only results in maximum strength but also allows the installation of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems within the floor cavity of the modular box.

Installing these systems in the floor cavity before shipment gives factory builders a competitive advantage and new margin opportunities.

Using OPEN JOIST, modular manufacturers are able to ship homes that are more complete at release and require less set time. Homes with mechanicals in the floor/ceiling space also provide more headroom in living spaces and can eliminate the need for extra deep foundations. Because the cost of in-factory mechanicals installation is significantly less than post-set installation, factory builders can reduce the cost of a set home.

Care should be taken during the floor system design process to consider the positioning of trusses so that there will be no need to alter OPEN JOIST trusses. Do not cut or alter OPEN JOIST trusses for mechanicals installation without consulting with OPEN JOIST Engineering.

Access the following information to explore OPEN JOIST opportunities for mechanicals systems installation: